Friday, March 25, 2011

A wife tickles her husband

This Youtube video starts out as the wife sitting next to her husband. Suddenly she gets an idea and starts to tickle her husband. Then she tells her friend Carl to film this as he has a camera recording the scene. Then she tickles her hushband, gradually trying to get under his shirt to really give it to him. The husband tried to defend himself as he flinched and tried to cover up himself to prevent him from getting tickled by his wife. But it was no use, as she managed to over come his barrier and tickled him like crazy. At one point, he had managed to hold back his wife's hand so they couldn't tickle him, but they managed to twist his wedding ring on his finger which hurt him. She felt sorry for him and camne to give him comfort, and then continued her tickling fun. Just then, after all her tickling attempts, she managed to get underneathe his shirt where he was really ticklish, and she got him good. During the tickling, her husband began to make funny noises and sounds that sounded like laughing "GEEE Geee GEEE GEEE." He said as well as nonsense jibberish while he was being tickled. The whole thing was funny to see, and lasted about a little under 10 minutes. Her husband was wearing a rock group cap.

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